Paola Franqui is celebrated as one of Instagram’s top female photographers and culture influencers. Her Hispanic roots are in Puerto Rico and she currently resides in New Jersey. She documents everyday, existential life with a hugely enthusiastic community. Her work has been featured in multiple NYC galleries and most recently on the Nasdaq Board in Times Square.


Brian Willette has been a photographer for 22 years. His career began in New York City, where he was represented by multiple galleries. From there, he moved more into commercial work, while still keeping a foot in the fine art world. His commercial clients range from Adidas Originals and Nike to Land Rover, Honda, Google, Ciroc and a number of hip hop celebrities.

Brian still participates in art shows all over the world and currently lives and works in Chicago and Los Angeles.


Antonio started his career in photography 6 years ago at the age of 16. By age 17, he was one of New York’s highest followed Instagram photographers and was already creating campaigns for brands such as Jordan Brand, Nike and Audi. Antonio has spent the past two years going on extensive trips overseas, primarily documenting life in many parts of Asia. His work has been celebrated by multiple national photographic publications and he has participated in multiple art shows across the US.

Tobi Snonibare


Tobi “Tobi Shinobi” Shonibare is an award winning international, multifaceted photographer and videographer based between London and Chicago. His work extends from high profile events, product photography, architecture, and interviews. Best known for his work on social media, he has in excess of 150,000 followers. On these online platforms, he mainly displays his specialization in finding beauty in often gritty urban landscapes. His distinctive focus on detail, perspective, geometry and symmetry allows for appreciation of architecture. His passion to push creative boundaries has led to many world-renowned collaborations with leading international brands.

Natalie Amrossi


Misshattan blends her love for aerial perspectives and exciting destinations with an inspiring sensory experience. After leaving her corporate job in finance to pursue her passion for photography, Misshattan consistently creates inspiring imagery. When it comes to her work, one can expect an intense desire for travel and experiences fused with an essence of serenity amongst adrenaline-inducing perspectives.

Jude Allen


Jude Allen is an accomplished art photographer and director, known for his stylistic edits and artistic perspectives in travel, landscape, time lapse, aerial, commercial and beauty photography.

Allen’s early influences in music, art, and skateboarding fueled his passion to capture them in images. Originally based in San Francisco, his creative perspective and unique style made his work standout in the city. Sharing his art through social media gave Allen the platform he needed to embark on a full-time photography career, traveling the world doing what he loves.

Mike Szpot


Mike Szpot is a professional photographer from Milwaukee, currently based in New York City. Upon discovering photography in late-2014, sharing his passion has attracted a large social media following, along with many collaborations with reputable brands worldwide. Aside from commercial work, Mike has a passion for street photography, visual storytelling, and building all-inclusive photography communities.

Jeremy Cohen


Jeremy is more than a photographer who lances freely, he’s an artist, traveling the world telling the raw stories of everyday people. His tool, the camera; his gift, capturing the spirit of his subject. Jeremy seeks out a photo-worthy stranger, encourages them to tell their story and shares it with the world as part of his Today I Photographed Portrait series.

Kristen Bautista


Kristen Bautista is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. She began taking photos as a hobby about 5 years ago and it quickly became her life’s passion. Kristen enjoys capturing the Los Angeles cityscape and sharing the different perspectives it has to offer. She has worked with premier brands such as Adidas Originals, Toyota, Google, Verizon and Polaroid.

Terry McLaughlin


Asteryx is an urban, street and travel photographer based in Los Angeles. He loves flying his drone, long walks on the beach, and secret rooftop sessions. Asteryx has been traveling through Europe and Asia, creating content for tourism boards and some of the world’s top brands.