Paola is celebrated as one of Instagram’s top female photographers and culture influencers. Her Hispanic roots are in Puerto Rico and currently resides in New Jersey. She documents everyday, existential life with a hugely enthusiastic community. Her work has been featured in multiple NYC galleries and most recently in the Nasdaq Board in Times Square.


Brian has been a photographer for 22 years. His career began in New York City, where he was represented by multiple galleries. From there, he moved more into commercial work, while still keeping a foot in the fine art world. His commercial clients range from Adidas Originals and Nike to Land Rover, Honda, Google, Ciroc and a number of hip hop celebrities.

Brian still participates in art shows all over the world and currently lives and works in Chicago and Los Angeles.


Brendan is Philadelphia’s top Instagrammer documenting life in the city from a local perspective. His feed is a curator of the city’s top creatives across music, street art, sports and food sites. His work is currently featured in multiple billboards and out-of-home campaigns promoting both tourism and quality of life in Philadelphia.



Cole is a photographer based in DC and LA who has been shooting for nearly a decade. Cole’s career started on a smartphone. After becoming one Instagram’s most followed photographers, Cole’s career moved into major brand work. Through the years his client list has grown to brands such as Jaguar, Adidas, Nike, Moncler and many more.

On Instagram, Cole has a very wide fan base and has participated in shows all over the US.


Ryan Millier has been a professional and fine art photographer for 8 years. His career started in Toronto, brought him to Los Angeles and ultimately, to New York City, where he currently resides. Ryan’s work has been featured in a number of publications and has been exhibited in many galleries across the US and Europe. Ryan has a vast client list that ranges from Puma to Mercedes and also includes many tech and fashion brands.


Antonio started his career in photography 6 years ago at the age of 16. By age 17, he was one of New York’s highest followed Instagram photographers and was already creating campaigns for brands such as Jordan Brand, Nike and Audi. Antonio has spent the past two years going on extensive trips overseas, primarily documenting life in many parts of Asia. His work has been celebrated by multiple national photographic publications and he has participated in multiple art shows across the US.


Sonja has been a photographer specializing in architecture and street portrait for 5 years. She also still has a career as a scientist, which gives her a unique perspective on how she sees the world and approaches photography.

Sonja’s work has been exhibited in many galleries across the US and she has sat on multiple panels as a judge in photography competitions.