• Use the themes below as your guide for content and inspiration. Tag the theme that you’d like to choose so we know where to enter your post. Be sure to post by the deadline and use #smartphotocontest.

  • Your post should include two hashtags: #smartphotocontest and the theme you want to be entered for. If you want to use other hashtags for additional visibility, add them to a comment.

  • Our judges will select all semifinalists to be posted in our gallery. Finalists and winners are selected by our jury.


  • The Submission must be in a format acceptable to Instagram;
  • The Submission must be captured using a smartphone camera;
  • The Submission must have been created within the last six months; and
  • The Submission’s description, if any, must be in English.

THAT’S IT! You are automatically entered to win and you can enter multiple times.


Your image or video should be guided by the following themes:

  • OUTDOORS: Shoot your favorite hiking trail or other favorite outdoor activities. Use hashtag: #outdoors
  • CREATIVE FRAMING: Use a mirror, empty picture frame, wooden sticks or any other form to make your shots more dynamic. Use hashtag #creativeframing
  • ZOOM: Show the power of your smartphone zoom feature and capture something up close and personal. Use hashtag: #zoom
  • PORTRAIT YELLOW: A great color for Summer. Capture yourself, your friends or a model in a yellow color or setting. Use hashtag #PortraitYellow
  • SLOW MOTION: Find something interesting to film, activities, nature, people. Use hashtag: #slowmotion
  • URBAN CAPTURES: Every city in America has a unique space that captures the imagination of creative minds. Share street art, cityscapes that inspire you. Use hashtag #urbancaptures