• Use the themes here below as your guide for content and inspiration. Make sure your video is not longer than 30 seconds. Deadline for entries is Monday, July 13 at 7pm ET.

  • Your post should include the hashtag (and only the hashtag) #smartphotocontest. If you want to use other hashtags, use them in your comments, not in your caption

  • Our judges will select all semifinalists in each of the two categories (still images and video) to be posted in our gallery. Finalists and winners will be selected by our jury.


  • The Submission must be in a format acceptable to Instagram;
  • The Submission must be captured using a smartphone camera;
  • The Submission must have been created within the last six months; and
  • The Submission’s description, if any, must be in English.

THAT’S IT! You are automatically entered to win and you can enter multiple times.


Your image or video should be guided by the following themes:

  • INSPIRATION: Share your most inspiring image or video from the last six months. (Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds.)
  • PORTRAIT: Share a portrait of a person or pet that has brought you joy or inspiration.
  • INSIDE SPACE: Have you rearranged your living area into a workspace, your kitchen into a classroom, or your bedroom into a gym or art studio? Show your creativity!
  • HOME-COOKED: Share your favorite cooking or baking projects from home. Make us salivate!
  • DESTINATION: Share images or videos of a favorite destination, vacation, or an at-home “staycation”!
  • MEMORIES: Share an images or videos that evoke amazing memories.
  • ZOOM: Play with your zoom lens to find beautiful details in the world around you.
  • 4TH OF JULY: Share images/videos of your 4th of July celebrations and traditions.