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We manage our whole lives with our smartphones and this category is included to showcase the multiple ways this is true for you. Show how your smartphone participates in enrichment of everyday activities as well as those special memories captured forever with your smartphone camera.


While landscape photography can be one of the most challenging styles on a smartphone, it can also be one of the most rewarding. A true masterpiece landscape photograph from a smartphone often relies on waiting for the perfect light, maintaining control of your focus and utilizing your phone?s capability to frame the perfect scene. When all come together properly, great smartphone landscape and nature photographs truly become wall-worthy pieces of art.


Portrait photography opens up the world and can truly show the essence of a person. Capturing a great portrait and not just a snapshot with a smartphone, while sometimes difficult, can produce emotional effects that can be even more difficult to capture than on DSLRs. This sometimes is a result of the relaxed nature of smartphone photography. Smartphones can be far less intimidating to a portrait subject than big and professional camera equipment. With all of that being said, a really successful smartphone portrait requires true understanding of light and shadow, the ability to connect with a subject and a great understanding of composition.

Night Shot

Night shots on a smartphone can be tricky. They sometimes require mobile tripods and apps that allow you to take long exposures to create the scene that you envision. When all elements come together, though, nighttime smartphone photographs can produce results that are almost surreal.

Cityscape/Street Art

Successful cityscape smartphone photographs are deeply rooted in great understanding of shape, design, space, light and contrast. These elements, when mixed in the right way, can produce some of the most compelling images to look at. One of the great aspects of cityscapes is the ability to see other places, sometimes familiar, in ways that you would never have imagined.